• okna drewniane Wooden windows ECO-CLASSIC IV 68 are typical wooden windows made of selected three layer glued coniferous or leafy wood. Wooden windows ECO-CLASSIC IV 68 »
  • energooszczędne okna drewniane NEW !!! ENERGY SAVING WINDOWS ECO-ENERGY 78.We also offer new energy saving windows built on profiles that are thicker than commonly used 68 mm. WOODEN WINDOWS ECO-ENERGY 78 »
  • Okna drewniane Energy saving wooden windows ECO-PASIV IV 88 and IV 92 are particularly recommended for low energy and passive houses. Low energy or pasive houses are properly designed, equiped with heat pomps and recuperators.Energy saving wooden windows ECO-PASIV »
  • drzwi drewniane A wide range of modern external /entrance wooden doors. External/entrance wooden doors »
  • drzwi z drewna In our offer you will find wide range of wooden internal doors. We propose doors made of many wood species in any shape and dimension, full, glazed, two-sash, sliding. We offer many kinds of ornamental glass, handles etc. Internal wooden doors »

Wooden windows

We produce modern wooden windows of excellent energy saving value. Theese are functional constructions enabling to reduce heating costs of over 30%. Special profiles construction enables proper tightness and heat losses reduce. As an experienced wooden windows producer we take care of our products not only to be efficient but also elegant and interior and eterior compatibile. The big asset of our products is their durability and atmosphere conditions resistance.

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Wooden doors

We also are priced producer of wooden interna land external doors. Our doors are of modern design and the highest performance quality. Thanks to that theese once built in will last intact. The doors will keep your rooms warm and protect your house against unwelcome guests. These products are made with latest technical and constructive solutions. We encourage to learn more about specified elements of our assortment.

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Producer of wooden doors and windows

The company Nieświec is a recognized producer of wooden doors and windows that makes the products with passion since 1933. Many years’ experince, knowledge as well as technological devices made our customers satisfied with our carpentry. We still implement the latest solutions for our customers to be sure they get products of high quality, solid, elegant and unfailing.